Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reduce Water Bottles

I won these water bottles from one of my favorite review sites, Stuff Parents Need. I try to drink lots of water at work, but I usually forget to grab a bottle (disposable, unfortunately) so I end up paying $1.25 for ONE BOTTLE, that usually gets stuck in my bag and forgotten about.

These don't really help the stuck-in-the-bag trick, but they do help with the cost and the trash!

As you can see, there are five bottles, with a tray, supposedly one for each day, but I usually end up rinsing the same one out for a few days.

They're cute, too. They're light weight, and they're shatter-proof. I know, I just dropped on on the floor. It made the awfullest noise, like a glass falling, but no break-glass-shards-on-the-floor.

I think the only thing I don't like about these is that they aren't leak-proof. I found it out the hard way. I put it in my bag sideways, because I assumed they wouldn't leak. I tried tightening it tighter, but the cap and the bottle are rigid, so they don't really conform to each other.

But the mouth hole/spout, whatever, is a good size. You know how the Gatorade bottles have a really wide mouth so that it feels like my nose is going to end up in it? Yeah, these totally aren't like that :)

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