Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little Tush Diaper Co

the only way he'd hold still for a picture
My first non-me-made diaper! I wanted to try someone else's style, so I found an inexpensive, but well made diaper at Little Tush Diaper Co.  I was so excited when they arrived, I almost woke Brendon up from his nap to put him in them! I was so excited for SNAPS! but I was kinda let down. Not by the diapers, but by my son' Brendon sits right between the largest wing setting and the medium setting. He'll fit into middle rise setting, snuggly, but it's a little loose on the largest. *sigh* I am doomed to have a weirdly shaped kid. Eh, I love him anyways. Especially when he leans in about an inch from my nose and just waits for me to kiss him. *awww*

Back to Little Tush Diapers, they're sewed well, pocket style with two microfiber inserts and a flannel (I think) lining. Besides Brendon being in between sizes, I only have two concerns. One I have is that I'm afraid I'm going to either rip the snap apart when I open the diaper, or rip the fabric. I don't know if there's a "cure" for that phobia or even a prevention, but it's just my feeling.
Second, is wing drop. I know, I know, pretty much unavoidable unless there's a hip snap, but I guess I should mention it. It's not horrible, I haven't had a leak (even with naptime), it just looks stretched out. And part of that, is if I set it on the smaller snap setting, like it pulls it too tight. 
I used a Little Tush Diaper as a AI2 diaper today, because I could only find one of my pockets. It worked fine. The lining didn't seem to soak up any moisture, and dried quickly between uses.
I only have pictures of him in one and wearing it on the medium setting because getting Brendon to hold still for pictures is near impossible these days.
All-in-all, I do like these diapers, and I think it's safe to say that I will getting a few more for the next kid. They'll fit better on a smaller kid, I'm sure.
stretching out of the medium setting
 *I was not paid for this post, in any way. I bought these items with my own moolah and the options are all mine, baby! Mine! Muahahaha.....uh....*

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