Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On the road: Phillips portable DVD player

I know, even the best of intentions are lost if there's no commitment. So I'm being committed and writing a post as we travel to South Carolina, then on to Mississippi tomorrow. Here is one thing we invested in: a portable DVD player. I know, "no TV under 2" but I think each one has to choose their battles. This is one we chose not to fight. Brendon only lasts about 1 hour in the car. Not too bad for running errands, but awful for any sort of travelling. We bought ours from Best Buy the must haves for us: two screens, able to play through the radio, and able to strap to the headrests.we settled on the 7" dual screen DVD player by Phillips. I can't add any links because I'm typing away on my phone, and it doesn't multitask very well. It's got brightness and audio controls and power buttons on both screens. The main screen has the fastforward/rewind and stop/play/pause buttons. It also has menu and options. The straps are simple, plastic clips like high chair clips. They're able to tighten well around our head rests, but could accommodate larger ones. This DVD player comes with a plethora of cords for vehicle use, or home use. The power cords join at the power plug, and are plenty long. An A/V cable connects them, it's not super long, but definitely long enough for one to be in the front and one in the back. The only thing that irks me about it, is the setup of all the buttons. On the main screen they're on the top and right SIDS, and the plug-ins are on the right side. The volume is a dial, the brightness is a button that cycles through 3 various settings. The brightness is on the top and volume on the side. On the secondary screen, all the buttons and plug-ins are on the bottom. The brightness is a dial like the volume. I wish someone had the OCD-ness to make them the same, so if you know the placement on the main screen you can feel your way around on the secondary one. Most vehicles have DVD players as an option, but if yours doesn't have one, this is a good buy. It doesn't keep Brendon from crying, but it shortens the time he spends crying until he falls asleep. It's a purchase we don't regret.

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